“Crop it like its hot”

We are so spoiled when it comes to the weather here in California.  There are some days during the winter when I can get away without wearing a jacket and I don’t mind it one bit.  Spring is just around the corner and I just couldn’t wait to wear this easy, breezy monochromatic combo.  I love palazzo pants because of of its versatility.  This is my second pair from Zara and I just love the way they design their palazzo pants!  You can pair it with a simple tank, a sweater, a bold blazer and my personal favorite, a simple and solid crop top.  Because of such nice weather we’ve been having lately, I put on a crop top instead.  The length of this crop top is modest and doesn’t show too much skin which I like.  I decided to ditch the jacket and show off my arms because why not?  If the weather permits, I am taking full advantage!  And of course, coats come off eventually right?  So crop it like its hot! ❤

styleandgrace_februarylooks013  styleandgrace_februarylooks007  styleandgrace_februarylooks006  styleandgrace_februarylooks002  styleandgrace_februarylooks014



Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Asos pleat and wrap crop top // Asos asymmetric crop top
Zara wide-legged trousers // Nasty Gal palazzo pants


Hello sweet readers of our favorite fashion girl, Grace! I think I can take just a moment to acknowledge our mutual agreement that she’s just the cutest, right? Well, I’m more than excited to get the chance to guest post today and talk about all of the good things we love: CLOTHES.

My name is Camryn, and I blog over at Coral & Charm! I wish I could say that I also share in the warm, sunny-weather state of California, but currently I’m trying to stay bundled up against the winter of Virginia. I woke up to sunshine and slipped on these cute snakeskin flats, but my love for style got ahead of my toes inability to self-heat. I mean, fashion first though ha (half joking…). But in honesty when you find a pair of shoes like these it just becomes too much to have to wait to wear them! Right now my eyes automatically navigate to any animal print in the store, and when it’s in shoe form, I’m done. I need it.

I threw on this cozy wool sweater, jeans, and then a statement necklace to dress it up a bit. Easy to replicate and easy to repeat. Sometimes you just need simplicity, you know?



DSC_0310  DSC_0302  DSC_0296  DSC_0285  DSC_0272  DSC_0263 SweaterTee/ Necklace (gift)/ JeansFlats


“Darling Giveaway”

My fellow blogger, donut lover, and now my newest Instagram bestie Amanda Sue (who is absolutely the sweetest) met on social media.  We came across each others’ profiles and connected instantly! We both LOVE donuts, like the same things, and her wedding date falls on the day of my birthday this year.  Coincidence? I think not!  I subscribed to her blog talkprayshop.com because I was immediately drawn to her personality and her humane kindness towards others. When I read her “2015 Pursuit” post when she visited Zambia (Africa) and her desire to adopt an orphan someday, it touched my heart.  She devoted her self and time to these people and it was very inspiring to me.

Growing up, I’ve always believed in that saying “what goes around, comes around” whether it’s good or bad karma.  I knew that if I do good deeds to others, the same will be done to me.  Seeing my parents share their acts of kindness and generosity to others has taught me the benefits of giving back.  To me, it’s a way to show how thankful and grateful I am for all the things that I have earned along from helping others.  I like to recycle good karma because I feel the possibilities that come to you are endless when you give back.  It makes me feel good and it gives me a satisfaction in life to make it worth while.

There are so many ways of giving back to others!  A simple way to start is to just flash a smile.  Just knowing that you’ve been acknowledged is enough to brighten someone’s day.  It’s just that easy!

Your time is valuable and spending it on volunteer work for example is a great way of giving to others!  Also, sharing your expertise and knowledge to others is helpful and it is beneficial to both.  It’s a win win situation! 🙂

Donations such as goods, services, and money are one of the most popular acts of giving back to the community.  To me, it’s not how much things are worth, but the it’s the thought that counts.  Anything is worth a lot more to the people who are in need, so anything is definitely appreciated.

Random acts of kindness and the little things that you do for total strangers or the people in your life is a humbling experience for me.  It also helps with my self-esteem knowing that giving back adds on to my feelings of self-worth.  Such a good feeling!


This post has been inspired by the love and kindness that you guys have shown Amanda and I and now, we would like to give back to someone else.  The picture above shows what we’re giving away to one lucky reader!  A Starbucks gift card, journal, pen, earrings, candle, and hair ties.  We’re calling it the ‘Darling Giveaway’ because we want YOU to nominate a darling lady in your life who you feel deserves this sweet package. All you need to do is follow both of our blogs via email, leave a comment on one of our blog posts about the darling person you thought of as you read the post. For a second entry you can comment on both of our posts. Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, February 20th!

We are so thankful for you and taking the time out of your day to read our blog posts and that good feeling should be reciprocated always.  I hope that this post will inspire you to give back to someone and someday, that act of kindness will be given back to you. Remember, don’t give to get, but give to inspire others to give. ❤

“Will you be my Valentine?”

We are almost halfway through February and Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  Love is in the air and so are the reds, pinks and floral prints in my wardrobe!  Is it weird to fall in love with an outfit?  Because this look has got me hooked and I am in love!

Nothing says romantic and flirty like a floral maxi dress.  I picked up this red beauty in the early fall months (when it was still warm) and wore it constantly! I have always been a fan of floral prints and maxi dresses and I just fell in love when I saw my two favorite things in one amazing piece!  I love the colors of the flowers and check out the periwinkle-colored leaves! So pretty! The mixing of colors were unexpected and compliments the red very well.  This beautiful dress is airy and flows well while you are walking that it almost looks like you are floating!    And the open back detail?  I can’t even!  It gives a subtle sexiness without showing too much skin.  This is by far my favorite dress and I try to wear it throughout all seasons.  I simply wore a leather jacket over it as a warm layer (it’s still winter in California) and my black mules.  The only accessories I added here are my sunnies (a must for me) and the simple elegance of crossbody bag in a bright shade.  Don’t you just love the pop of neon against the red fabric?  I love putting things together that are unexpected!

Romantic outfit with a little edge for Valentine’s day?  I heart it.  ❤



styleandgrace_februarylooks040  styleandgrace_februarylooks039  styleandgrace_februarylooks046  styleandgrace_februarylooks051  styleandgrace_februarylooks061  styleandgrace_februarylooks067  styleandgrace_februarylooks064


Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Free People floral maxi dress // Asos maxi dress
Blank NYC jacket // Ralph Lauren faux leather jacket
Seychelles peep toe mules // Vince mules
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac colorblock bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body
Rayban Clubmasters

“Red pumps and the city”

Hi guys! I’ve been sick this past week and I can’t wait to be back to my normal and healthy self.  This bug took a toll on me and it is hard to focus and function when your body isn’t cooperating with you.  I did a photo shoot with my sister this past weekend while I was sick (bad idea) and boy, did it show on camera!  I told you guys that I would share more looks from the shoot, but unfortunately only one made the cut! The rest of them didn’t look up to par because I wasn’t feeling well and you could totally tell in my photos!  Even the makeup didn’t disguise it well and I just couldn’t hide it!  Yikes! I finally just had to let my body do its thing without me resisting it.  I decided to take a few days off to gain all of my energy back and it has made such a difference on my body. Almost 100% better today and thankful for that.

This look was shot on such a beautiful day in San Francisco.  It was surprisingly warm out with super clear skies!  I really wished that I could’ve taken more advantage of that day because I rarely just go to the city to hang out, but my body just wasn’t into it. Bummer!  My sister and I felt that this was the only look that was blog-worthy.  We are doing the shoot all over this weekend and I can’t wait!  This time, I’m gonna bring it!

I LOVE a basic white tee, but I also love when basics aren’t so basic sometimes!  I am loving this white perforated tee from Club Monaco!  It is super soft and the cut is so flattering!  I threw on a black moto jacket to make this feminine look a bit edgy.  It is tough to find a jacket that hugs me in all the right places because one, I am petite.  Two, I have short arms and a short torso so everything is usually big on me, but this jacket fits me perfectly.

Let’s talk about my trousers for a sec…I mean..LOVE THEM!  I love a regular trouser, but in denim?  In this shade of blue?  YES!  My favorite jean at the moment!  It actually gives it a tomboy feel, but feminine at the same time.  I love the little rips here and there which adds more character.  This pair is going to be a repeat offender in my wardrobe!

I love having statement shoes and these red beauties are one of them!  They can change the mood of your outfit almost immediately!  Also, it is February and I like to incorporate pops of red or pinks in my wardrobe here and there as much as I can.  It’s just a thing that I like to do!

Layer your jewelry!  From rings, to bracelets, and necklaces, layering them gives your jewelry a new look!  Almost like wearing a different piece of jewelry!  Even with a basic jeans and tee outfit, your look will hardly be basic!

Fanny packs aren’t so bad and sort of making its way back in the scene lately.  I’ve had this Gucci belt bag for years..(10 years now?) and I keep using it from time to time.  I have the smaller version and it is just the cutest.  It’s subtle and it also doubles as a belt (belt bag, duh!) as you can see here.  It fits my phone, lipgloss and my cards.  Perfect while running around SF without the bulk! ❤














Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Club Monaco tee // Club Monaco lace top
Zara ripped trousers // Diesel jeans
Blank NYC jacket // Black Orchid jacket
Charles David pumps // DVF pumps
Gucci belt bag // Elizabeth and James belt bag
Barton Perreira sunglasses // Illesteva Leonard II sunglasses

Beauty Faves!

If you are a subscriber to my blog, I’m sure you received two emails last week of the same post! Eek!  I accidentally posted the draft for this beauty post last week (twice) and I apologize!  It was the week that my doggy was sick at the vet so my mind was all over the place!  Anyway, here’s the complete version, guys and sorry for that minor slip! ❤


My first beauty post!  Yay!  I have been asked a few times on what I put on my face and to be honest, I try not to wear that much makeup only because my skin is pretty sensitive. The only time I would pack on a full face of makeup is when I have to get in front of camera for a photo shoot and during special occasions.  Sometimes, I would get my face painted by a makeup artist for fun just because it makes me feel extra fabulous!  Haha!  And besides, who doesn’t love a mini makeover?  Truly, I feel that a little make up goes a long way and it makes such a difference, but at the end of the day, it is how you carry yourself and being confident!  🙂  That to me, is true beauty!

Here are my favorite beauty products that I typically use daily!  Have you guys tried any of these?

Beauty Faves!

100 Pure 100 pure skincare
I love that this eye cream is organic!  It also smells great!

L Occitane body moisturizer
I’m constantly washing my hands so this never leaves my purse!  I love the scent and never feels greasy when I put it on.

Rosebud Perfume Co beauty product
I love this product!  Keeps my lips soft and moisturized especially during winter months!

Natura Bissé beauty product
Anything from this beauty line is worth the investment.  I got this as a gift before and I was hooked!

NARS Cosmetics pink blush
I love the way this blush makes my cheeks glow like JLo’s. 🙂  It gives just the right amount of shine.

Smashbox face powder
My go-to product when my face starts to feel shiny.  Perfect for touch ups!

Anastasia beverly hills cosmetic
I love the creamy texture as it glides on smoothly and most importantly, it is long lasting and water resistant!

Laura mercier concealer
This goes on so smoothly and doesn’t crease!  Covers up well and makes me look well rested.