“Feature X My Style and Grace Pop-Up”

SF!  We’re coming for ya!  My Spring fling with Feature is turning into the real thing. Pop in, sip and shop for new arrivals + exclusive markdowns + some music + bubbly and small bites!  Come hang out and support your local girl gang. ❤


Can’t make it?  We’ve got you covered.  Click on the links below and shop my looks here!


Get Bodied Dress by WYLDR


Opening Ceremony Crop Top / Opening Ceremony Skirt


PepTalk Leather Skirt / Dash Sunglasses 


Cut-Throat Heroin Dress


I’m Yours Midi Skirt


Sheer Overlay Halter


Art Skool Skort


The Space Between Crop Top / Tommy Faux Leather Shorts


Love Lace Maxi Dress

Photos by Gladys Jem

Looking forward to seeing you there!  XOXO

“Easy, breezy, and dreamy in the City.”

Hello there, San Francisco!  I love you even though you stay chilly most of the year. Still, I can’t get enough of your beauty and the lasting impressions you leave me with.  I heart you, SF!

Like any other day, I coordinate my outfits according to the weather.  Even with the sun shining, I knew it was going to be quite chilly in the city, but I couldn’t resist wearing my palazzo pants from Tobi!  I am such a huge fan of these wide-legged wonders that they have taken up a small (just a tad bit) fraction of my closet space.  Palazzo pants are so amazing because they’re so incredibly comfortable!  With the right styling, they can work for cold weather, but they’re ideal for warmer temperatures because they’re so light.  One thing to keep in mind though when choosing palazzo pants is to make sure you choose the one that suits your body shape.  I am 5’1 (yes, I am tiny!) and I like the ones that hit the heel of my shoe which creates a long leg line.  It makes me look inches taller without cutting me off.  Versatility is also why I love these so much because of the many ways it can be worn.  I usually wear crop tops with palazzo pants, but I opted for a tee this time (tuck in the front, it makes a difference) because it had more fabric for more coverage.  I threw on my favorite black jacket for added warmth and to make this dressed down combo more chic.  You wouldn’t expect something as tough and solid as a leather jacket to go with something flowy as these pants, but if it works, WEAR IT!

Rooftop hangs call for sunglasses too, to protect those eyes from the bright sun.  So necessary when looking at those killer views up there.  Fun fact: The Golden Gate bridge can be seen from my sister’s apartment rooftop.  Pretty cool if you ask me! ❤











Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Tobi Gotcha Gaucha pants
Project Social tee
Dior So Real sunnies
Target sandals // Ovye by Cristina Lucchi sandals

Tassels and embellished sandals for summer!

Nothing says happy feet with sandals that are embellished with jeweled accents or tassels for added detail.  Hooray for open-toe season!  Here are my top picks to get you ready for summer.  Which one is your fave?
Tassels and embellished sandals for summer!

Isabel marant shoes
$765 – harveynichols.com

Marni strap shoes

Susana Traça orange shoes
$175 – yoox.com

Topshop shoes

“Converse goes chic.”

I love wearing heels.  They give the illusion of mile-long legs and make your calves look better, but let’s be honest; when they say “beauty is pain” I feel it is completely unnecessary.  Sometimes, I would rather ditch my stilettos and be comfortable in my sneakers.

Fortunately, designers everywhere such as Isabel Marant, have fallen in love with sneakers.  From celebrities to style stars, everyone seems to be flipping for sneakers these days and have mastered the art of dressing them up.  Why? Because they are so easy to pair with anything.  Literally almost everything!

Here are some ways to rock the sneaker look when you don’t feel like putting on a pair of heels, but need to look presentable.

  • fancy outfit + fancy sneakers = Chanel’s Haute Couture Collection last year is the perfect example for this.  Your evening outfit can be paired with a fancier sneaker with leather, calf hair, or even lace!
  • pair it with something unexpected…how about that tulle skirt that is usually always paired with pumps?  Switch it up and give it a try!
  • turn a super feminine and ladylike look into sporty chic.  The slip-on sneakers go really well with this look.
  • pop of color with a pair of bright-colored sneakers.  Imagine wearing an “all white everything” with a cobalt blue pair.  Ooh.  So good.

Last but not the least, my fave…(drum roll please!)

  • high tops with that mini dress.  So simple and yet so sexy, pair that mini dress of yours with sneakers!  Ladies, trust.  I love this combination personally because a mini dress WITH heels is a little too sexy for me – I’m not that brave and I just can’t do it!  Haha!  Balance is key for me and if I feel that it’s showing a little too much, then I just add-on something to tame it down a little.

Speaking of high tops and that mini dress, here is how I styled this sexy Feature mini dress dressed down with my Converse high-tops.  Chances are you own a pair too (high-top or low) so you might want to try this out for a playful, boy-meets-girl contrast.  I just threw on a boyfriend blazer for layering and sunnies of course.  I just love this look! When Converse goes chic, I am all about it. ❤










Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Feature “Get Me Bodied” Dress
Boyfriend Blazer //
Converse High-tops // Superga Sneakers
Alexis Russell Nameplate Necklace

“My newest love affair – Feature Clothing”

Is it possible to fall in love on Instagram?  I guess you could say that it was love at first sight, but they had me at “double tap”.  We met, sparks flew, and before I knew it, my love affair with Feature began.  If you have the chemistry, you only need one thing: timing.  Feature Clothing reached out to me for their launch as I was in the midst of launching my blog around the same time.  Ahh!  How crazy is that?!  Now that’s what you call fate.  This is no longer a fling, it is becoming THE real thing! ❤

The #bossladies behind Feature are Jacklyn N. and Kyyah L.  After learning more about them, I’ve spent a disproportioned amount of time thinking about all the awesome women out there who are doing their thing and how I can be like them.  Well, these two are definitely on my list.  I’ve been told to do what I love and to only surround myself with people who are going to lift me higher..well, here they are!  Learn a little more about this dynamic duo in this short interview we did and see why it is such a treat to have joined this girl gang.

IMG_9538 copy

 1. How did FEATURE clothing come about? Tell us more about you!

How FEATURE came to be is rather serendipitous. Kyyah and I have been best friends for half of our lives. If you were to look at us then, you’d see what an odd pairing we were—one geeky Vietnamese girl in Triple 5 Soul and baggie pants, and the other: braces, overall pant legs rolled up, and N0LimitDiva15 screen name! As we matured, fashion still bonded us. Kyyah grew to become a merchandising superstar in LA and Hawaii and I was working on copywriting and marketing for start ups in California. Neither of us felt satisfied working for someone else. So, an idea led to more serious talks and more “should we’s?” and just when we needed that extra push, Kyyah’s husband took a job offer in California.. placing us in the same city again. A calming moment of “if not now, when?” and “ will we EVER really feel ready?” came and we decided to just take a leap. From there, we organized, got right, and here we are (give and take a few extra mishaps and crying in the shower moments).

2. Can you tell us what your typical customer is?

Hmm, well Google Analytics says our customer is….just kidding.
Our girl is definitely self-possessed, and knows what she likes, but at the same time isn’t rigid in her ways. She’s on the pulse with what’s in, and enjoys being an early adopter of emerging designers and brands. Basically, she’s the girl that tells her friends what they should be wearing and is always met with, “No way. Nah, I don’t like that”.. only to end up embracing the trend months later.

FEATURE was founded with this woman—so much in fact that the manifesto is written on the Letters from the Curators page of the website.  We select pieces and brands with this woman in mind and now our continuous mission is just to find you all and let you know we’re here!

3. What advice can you give someone who would someday like to start their own business?

Kyyah: Surround yourself with like-minded people that are striving for similar goals as you and be willing to support, encourage, and uplift one another. Also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and build relationships..you never know where a conversation with someone can lead you.

Jacklyn: Take everything with a grain of salt. It’s easy to float on hot air when you’re doing well and everyone is congratulating or complimenting you, and just as easy to get dragged down when you hear negative comments or criticism. The key is to remain grounded– take compliments with humility and negative comments as constructively as you can without letting it eat away at your confidence. Oh, and get ready to WORK your ass off.

4. If you had a chance to work with a celebrity boss lady, who would it you have the pleasure of working with? Why is that?

Oh my gosh, there are SO many women kicking butt nowadays that it would be so hard to choose just one. The obvious choice would be the #girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso. She built a brand—a movement really–based on straight hustle and smarts and being herself unapologetically. The fact that she started this all in the Bay Area? Well, that just makes it so much sweeter.
But, honestly, any girl out there that just goes for it is someone we want to be around.

5. What can we look forward to in the future from FEATURE?

More snarky captions. More bad ass emerging designers and hopefully exclusive pieces with different brands. More pop-ups in different states. More, more, more!

A true love story never ends…follow me @mystyleandgrace and @shopfeature on IG and stay tuned for more. ❤


shopfeature_about5 copy

To K & J, thank you for making me your newest muse.

“Yes to matchy-matchy!”

Own a pair of co-ordinating sets?  Let’s face it, you really can’t get a cuter combo than a matching set.  My favorite thing about owning co-ords is the versatility.  It is a great way to do separates and show different styling options.  For some people, this “matchy-matchy” style may seem a bit much, but you can break up this bold look by showing a little bit of skin.  Crop tops paired with a high waisted bottom make a gorgeously cohesive and chic look!

I am crushin’ hard on Feature Clothing‘s co-ords set!  Two pieces aren’t just for the beach anymore, and this luxe matching set is on my must-haves list this season!  The simplicity of the white is so fresh and I love the diagonal layout of the stripes on the skirt (flattering, ladies!).  You can create multiple looks with this combo by wearing a different top with the skirt and vice versa.  I wanted to show off the two pieces together, so I just added a jean jacket over the crop top for a little attitude and red pumps for a pop of color and glam!  For accessories, I did gold accents and these fabulous sunnies by Valley Eyewear which by the way are SO FAB, don’t even get me started!

Get co-ordinating ladies because matchy-matchy is just so cool. ❤







Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Opening Ceremony Crop Top
Opening Ceremony Skirt
Vintage Jean Jacket // Joe’s Jeans Relaxed Jean Jacket
Valley Eyewear Dash Sunnies //
Charles David pumps // Jimmy Choo pumps

“My Sporty Remix”


I love a sporty look.  If I could dress like Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls all day, I would, but I also don’t want people to think that I am at the gym 24/7 (haha).  I started incorporating sporty pieces in a different way and calling it “My Sporty Remix”.  The juxtaposition of something sporty and something prim and dainty feels fresh to me.     My Adidas track jacket is what I’m showcasing for today’s sporty remix.  I’ve always loved the classic version of this jacket and I love how Adidas played around and added beautiful prints on this iconic piece.  This track jacket is beautiful in person (I think we can all agree!) and I love the softness of the colors altogether.  I started off with my basics: a silk camisole, denim cutoffs, traded my trainers for heeled sandals then I threw on the track jacket to up the ante.  Minimal + sporty = tomboy chic.  This street savvy look is my favorite because it is effortlessly styled and unexpected.  Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with your layers; you never know what style combinations you’ll love! ❤








Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Adidas Curso D’Agua Track Jacket // Adidas x Rita Ora Track Jacket
Scalloped cami // Everlane Silk Camisole
Denim Bermudas (I cut my old Zara jeans) // IRO Denim Bermudas
Rayban Aviators //
Kenneth Cole New York Sandals // Topshop Ankle Strap Sandals

“Walking billboard”

Hi guys!  I hope you didn’t miss me too much since my last post.  I’ve been quite a busy bee the past few weeks and now I am back and ready to roll!  I can’t wait to update you all with new and exciting things that are happening with My Style and Grace, but first I still would like to let you know that your patience is appreciated.  Thank you! 🙂

I am a walking billboard on today’s blog post wearing a tee from the Le Motto collection.  Le Motto’s purpose is to spread and promote positivity with words.  Not only do they share good messages with their tees, but they also donate some of the profits from the purchases to causes that help children who are suffering from unfortunate and violent circumstances.  Vaiana, the beautiful person behind Le Motto was kind enough and gifted me a shirt from their collection.  Please take the time to read her story here.

I picked the “Keep up. Don’t give up.” tee because never giving up has taught me the value of perseverance.  Today, I would like to remind you not to give up at the first sign of struggle but instead, pick yourself back up and keep standing.  You only fail when you stop trying, so don’t give up! ❤

I styled their tee with a pair of black skorts from Feature Clothing, a men’s camo jacket that I scored from ASOS a while back, and kept it classic with a pair of good ol’ Chuck Taylor’s.







Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Le Motto tee
Asos Camo jacket // F21 Utility Camo jacket
Converse sneakers
Feature Clothing skort
Rayban Original Aviators // Maui Jim Mavericks