“Palm Sundaze”


What’s not to love about palm trees?  Whenever I see palm trees, I think of tropical beaches in paradise and this top makes me feel like I’m going on a Hawaiian getaway, umbrella drink included.  My sister gifted me this shirt for my birthday in June and I’ve worn it constantly with jeans and cutoffs – even alone over my bikini as a cover up!  Such a perfect summer top!

I swapped my denim blues for white denim as a nice shift from my heavy darks.  I think white jeans are perfect for anchoring prints, especially when you are mixing them. What’s a summer outfit without a panama hat and statement sunglasses?  These are my summer essentials and pulls the whole “summery vibe” look together.  Chunky sandals can be cute depending on how you style them and my all black Birkenstocks  are further proof that basically everything goes with them.

I hope you guys are enjoying what’s left of the summer because it’ll be gone before you know it!  I’m about to spend the rest of my #PalmSundaze hunting for palm trees. ❤










Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Madewell Courier Palm shirt // Madewell Peplum tank
Current/Elliott The Fling jeans // AG Ex Boyfriend slouchy jean
Biltmore and Madewell Panama hat // Off 5th Panama hat
Fendi Cat Eye sunglasses // Quay Fleur Cat Eye
Birkenstocks Monterey leather sandals // Vince Orson slides


On Sunday’s I also like to catch up on my favorite blogs and I wanted to share with you Talk Pray Shop by my lovely friend Amanda!  Her posts are filled with feel-good content so please check it out and you’ll see why this blue-eyed beauty is one of my faves!

10 reasons why I love Amanda Sue:

  1. She’s a die-hard donut lover like me.  Enough said.
  2. Her confident belief and trust with God.
  3. She’s a full-time elementary school teacher and is great with kids!
  4. When she’s not teaching, she’s teaching barre classes.  No wonder she can eat all those donuts and still maintain a bikini bod!
  5. Her personally hand-written monthly letters of encouragement that she sends to her readers.  How genuinely sweet is that?  Want one? Sign up here.
  6. Her style is super cute and is always well accessorized. 🙂
  7. She’s got a great sense of humor!  I love that I find humor in some of her blog and Instagram posts.
  8. A true darling and is beautiful inside AND out.  She even shipped me a donut mug earlier this year in case they sold out at my hometown Target.  So thoughtful and sweet!
  9. The fact that she got married on my birthday!  How awesome is that?  Makes it easier to remember her wedding anniversary! Haha!
  10. What I like about her the most is her modesty and humbleness.  She is a good role model to others and practices what she preaches.  This darling is genuine and has a kind heart.  Love you, Amanda Sue!

“Let’s hear it for the boy(s)”

This a man’s world..this is a man’s world…” Queue James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” because today, I am letting the guys take over.  I am starting a blog series dedicated to well-dressed gentlemen because I am the gal who likes to borrow from the boys and it doesn’t hurt to steal a little #manspiration from these fellas. ❤

I’ve known this guy for quite some time now (maybe 10 years or so?) and his style and casual attitude has always caught my eye.  Now that he’s thousands of miles away, he’s still my go-to person for fashion advice.  I applaud his simplicity and his love for solid tees and leather.  It’s no surprise that I picked him to kick off my #fashionablefellas blog series!



Christian Aynaga
35 years old
Honolulu, Hawaii
1. Describe your personal style.
Honestly… As people will roll their eyes from my answer, I can’t describe my style. Because the term or action of “style” is something that’s innate in a person. Meaning it’s who they are. Style is a personality. We all sleep and walk a certain way. And how we choose to express ourselves is part of that inner projection. That’s where people get extremely confused with style and fashion. Style is a characteristic. Fashion is What you see at Barneys or in a magazine spread. I basically wear the same thing everyday. It’s become my personal uniform.
2. Who are you most influenced by?  Style icons?
My grandfathers. They always made sure they were pressed when they went out. And when they were chillin. They’d have those 1 pair of jeans that they broke in for years giving it that unique true lived-in look, Along with that same white tee that you could tell had stories in its own. From sitting on the porch to gardening.
As far as style icons- I dig Julian Casablancas, Brandon Flowers, David Beckham and Kristen Crawley.
3. What’s one item in your closet that you can’t live without? Why is that?
I would have to say my black Alexander McQueen suit with the rolled shoulders.
I’m a suit guy. If I could wear a suit everyday I would. But I live in Hawaii. The suit fit me off the rack. And that’s hard to come by if you know how to wear a suit. Imma be honest… Designer or not, 80% of men wear horribly fitted suits. Get Measurements fellas.
4. Tell us what you’re wearing! (see photos)
My t-shirt is Sandro. My jeans are Balmain 2011 last of Decarnin. The waxing that Christophe does doesn’t wear down like the newer pieces. Leather Jacket is by Junya Watanabe. The painted stripe on the back is what got me. It cracked and chipped with wear. Boots by Saint Laurent. And my bracelet is Cartier. Oh. The cigarette is Nat Sherman. Hahaha.
The next stylish fella is a blogger AND model.  One of the very few male fashion bloggers that I follow on Instagram (@tom_and_toms) simply because I am a fan of his “rugged but polished” look.  Give him a utility shirt and he can make it look effortlessly cool.  I guess it’s safe to say that he is one of my favorites!
Tom Brennan 
31 years old 
Seoul, Korea
1. Describe your personal style.
My personal style is workman, I suppose. I wear generally wear denim, leather, and boots (season permitting). I like to look like a man (although I wear skinny jeans, this is because I have chicken legs lol) I do like to throw in some tailoring and Preppy looks here and there. I quite like an Oxford shirt and a denim jacket or a blazer and boots combo. I prefer to look made up but not over done and a little manly.
2. Who are you most influenced by?  Style icons?
I’m influenced by literally everything I see, whether it’s on social, print or online media. I’m inflicted by the music I like, folk, indie, old rock, 60’s, 70’s. In term of people I really like David Beckham’s personal style, as well as Alex turner. I’m a big fan of Ricki Hall, Bill Huxley and Chris John Millington, as well. I probably dress most like Chris John Millington ( minus the tattoos).
3. What’s one item in your closet that you can’t live without? Why is that?
My favourite item of clothing is a plain  white T-shirt , this can be crew neck, scoop neck or a Henley. I love wearing white and it goes with everything, especially well with a denim/leather jacket , jeans and boots. It is an item everyone should have and everyone should wear the hell out of.
4. Tell us what you’re wearing! (see photos)
In my photo, I’m pretty much wearing my normal day to day wear. T-shirt is by ASOS, denim jacket by Topman, jeans by Cheap Monday and boots by Zara.

The accessories are from ASOS, River Island , and some are just made by me.

Stay tuned for more of my #fashionablefellas posts.  Hope you guys are having a great Monday so far!