“#CoachSpring2016 Campaign”

Hey guys!  I feel like it’s been a while since my last blog post.  I’ve been on duty and on the go lately so it’s been a challenge trying to keep up!  I’m finally blogging about my Instagram project/collaboration with Coach for their #CoachSpring2016 campaign.  I am honored (and thrilled!) to be a part of such a fun project!  I spent the day in San Francisco with the help of my sister, Gladys (photographer extraordinaire) and much-needed assistance from my good friend, Andrea.  This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without you two, so thank you!

We shot two looks throughout the city featuring The Coach Swagger 20 mini bag and the C101 Low Top Sneaker.  Hope you guys like it!

Look #1:

Let me tell you about the cutest little bag: The Coach Swagger 20.  This pretty little thing matches my petite frame, but still makes room for my daily essentials.  It also comes with a strap if you’re a hands-free type of gal.  Perfect for roaming around in the city when you’re always on the go like me!






Look #2:

The white sneaker is the most coveted pair of shoes that are in every fashionista’s closet lately.  They’re cute, comfortable, and will go with just about everything.  The pink stitching on my Coach C101 Low Tops brings a nice feminine touch!  What’s not to love about these?  Heart emojis all the way!







Hope you guys liked my long and overdue post!  I apologize that it took so long to share!  I also wanted to take the time to thank you all for your continuous support of my blog!  I reached 10.5 K followers on my Instagram page recently and I am beyond grateful for each and single one of you!  My appreciation is boundless. ❤

“Neutrals are your friend.”

I’ve always been big on neutrals.  I love the subtleness and the flexibility on being able to interchange several pieces – it ALWAYS works.  It also looks luxurious without looking over the top.  With a simple grey tee from Kit & Ace to start with, (which by the way, the softest shirt I have ever owned. Thanks Kit & Ace!) I was able to build this look by piling more neutrals on top.  The best part is, you can add ANY color from a neutral palette and it simply works.  It’s definitely a no brainer!  If you want to stick with just one color, that’s ok too!  Tip: Just make sure you try mixing different textures and layers to break up the silhouette.  So easy, right?!  Neutrals for the win! ❤






Photos by Gladys Jem

What I’m wearing // Other options

Kit and Ace tee // Kaye Crew
Zara Taupe Leather Jacket // Blank NYC Taupe Vegan Leather Jacket
Taupe skirt // Solid Knit Pencil Skirt / Ribbed Knit Skirt
Dior Abstract // Dior Abstract Mirrored 
Isabel Marant Bobby Suede  // Isabel Marant Bobby Taupe

“Sparkling Holiday”

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!  It’s been hectic around here, but amidst all the craziness, I am thankful that I have spent it with my loved ones and I hope that you did as well.  🙂

Now on to the next holiday – NYE.  Here’s a couple of NYE looks with a little help from my beautiful and fellow blogger, Monica from LivinginVogue.  Sparkles and sequins go hand in hand with NYE, so here we are in our party-ready ensembles!

This sequin mini skirt paired with a cozy turtleneck sweater is a perfect combination for a less than formal affair.  My love for a good ol’ denim jacket is undeniable so I decided to throw it on for a little casualness.  Yes, it is unexpected, but it works for a street-chic look which is my personal favorite.  For added interest, I wore over the knee socks with heels because I am currently obsessed with this cool combo lately!  Layer with a scarf or a beanie for extra warmth and voila!  NYE ready for those swanky parties.

It’s been a great year, but I’m ready to welcome 2016.  Who’s with me?!  Cheers to all and thank you for following along.  I appreciate you guys so much! ❤


holidays coffe (33)

holidays coffe (31)

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Photos by Nathalie Bize

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

H&M Sequin Mini Skirt // Black Sequin Mini / Slim Fit Skirt
Gap Turtleneck Sweater // Side Slit Turtle Neck
Nine West Pointy Toe Pumps // Black Suede Ellipsis Pumps
Free People Over the knee socks // H&M over the knee socks
Essex LA clutch // Loeffler Randall Tassel Clutch

“Let’s hear it for the boy(s)”

This a man’s world..this is a man’s world…” Queue James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” because today, I am letting the guys take over.  I am starting a blog series dedicated to well-dressed gentlemen because I am the gal who likes to borrow from the boys and it doesn’t hurt to steal a little #manspiration from these fellas. ❤

I’ve known this guy for quite some time now (maybe 10 years or so?) and his style and casual attitude has always caught my eye.  Now that he’s thousands of miles away, he’s still my go-to person for fashion advice.  I applaud his simplicity and his love for solid tees and leather.  It’s no surprise that I picked him to kick off my #fashionablefellas blog series!



Christian Aynaga
35 years old
Honolulu, Hawaii
1. Describe your personal style.
Honestly… As people will roll their eyes from my answer, I can’t describe my style. Because the term or action of “style” is something that’s innate in a person. Meaning it’s who they are. Style is a personality. We all sleep and walk a certain way. And how we choose to express ourselves is part of that inner projection. That’s where people get extremely confused with style and fashion. Style is a characteristic. Fashion is What you see at Barneys or in a magazine spread. I basically wear the same thing everyday. It’s become my personal uniform.
2. Who are you most influenced by?  Style icons?
My grandfathers. They always made sure they were pressed when they went out. And when they were chillin. They’d have those 1 pair of jeans that they broke in for years giving it that unique true lived-in look, Along with that same white tee that you could tell had stories in its own. From sitting on the porch to gardening.
As far as style icons- I dig Julian Casablancas, Brandon Flowers, David Beckham and Kristen Crawley.
3. What’s one item in your closet that you can’t live without? Why is that?
I would have to say my black Alexander McQueen suit with the rolled shoulders.
I’m a suit guy. If I could wear a suit everyday I would. But I live in Hawaii. The suit fit me off the rack. And that’s hard to come by if you know how to wear a suit. Imma be honest… Designer or not, 80% of men wear horribly fitted suits. Get Measurements fellas.
4. Tell us what you’re wearing! (see photos)
My t-shirt is Sandro. My jeans are Balmain 2011 last of Decarnin. The waxing that Christophe does doesn’t wear down like the newer pieces. Leather Jacket is by Junya Watanabe. The painted stripe on the back is what got me. It cracked and chipped with wear. Boots by Saint Laurent. And my bracelet is Cartier. Oh. The cigarette is Nat Sherman. Hahaha.
The next stylish fella is a blogger AND model.  One of the very few male fashion bloggers that I follow on Instagram (@tom_and_toms) simply because I am a fan of his “rugged but polished” look.  Give him a utility shirt and he can make it look effortlessly cool.  I guess it’s safe to say that he is one of my favorites!
Tom Brennan 
31 years old 
Seoul, Korea
1. Describe your personal style.
My personal style is workman, I suppose. I wear generally wear denim, leather, and boots (season permitting). I like to look like a man (although I wear skinny jeans, this is because I have chicken legs lol) I do like to throw in some tailoring and Preppy looks here and there. I quite like an Oxford shirt and a denim jacket or a blazer and boots combo. I prefer to look made up but not over done and a little manly.
2. Who are you most influenced by?  Style icons?
I’m influenced by literally everything I see, whether it’s on social, print or online media. I’m inflicted by the music I like, folk, indie, old rock, 60’s, 70’s. In term of people I really like David Beckham’s personal style, as well as Alex turner. I’m a big fan of Ricki Hall, Bill Huxley and Chris John Millington, as well. I probably dress most like Chris John Millington ( minus the tattoos).
3. What’s one item in your closet that you can’t live without? Why is that?
My favourite item of clothing is a plain  white T-shirt , this can be crew neck, scoop neck or a Henley. I love wearing white and it goes with everything, especially well with a denim/leather jacket , jeans and boots. It is an item everyone should have and everyone should wear the hell out of.
4. Tell us what you’re wearing! (see photos)
In my photo, I’m pretty much wearing my normal day to day wear. T-shirt is by ASOS, denim jacket by Topman, jeans by Cheap Monday and boots by Zara.

The accessories are from ASOS, River Island , and some are just made by me.

Stay tuned for more of my #fashionablefellas posts.  Hope you guys are having a great Monday so far!

“Made in L.A.”

Because a woman can’t step out of her home empty-handed.  When I’m on the go, I grab my keys, phone, wallet and lip balm and as soon as you know it, my hands are full and I am not pleased.  I’m not a fan of carrying big purses all the time because I find it difficult to manage all the contents (hundreds of bobby pins, lipstick tubes, Advil, eye drops, vitamins…) running into each other and creating a hot mess. Sometimes, I feel that I overstuff my purse and I just end up looking clumsy carrying it around.  Clutches however, will make you want to get rid of the unnecessary clutter and just keep whatever you need the most!  Smaller but efficient and perfect for that busy girl (that’s me!) that’s always on the go.

Hoping to invest in a staple clutch that you’ll carry through all seasons?  Do you simply want to add another bright bag to your accessories collection?  Looking for that one that screams “carry me!”?  What if I told you that you can customize your own?  Essex Los Angeles has you covered.

These custom-made clutches are made in L.A. designed by YOU.  You choose your size, leather, zipper color, and the lining and voilà!  You’ve got a great clutch with utility value that suits your personality.

I had so much fun shooting with the beautiful Maya from My Life as Maya in downtown Los Angeles showcasing Essex L.A.’s new colors for this season.  From cheetah print to bright, bold colors, these beauties will carry you through summer weddings to evenings out with your girlfriends! ❤





IMG_0607 2







IMG_8518 2

Photos by Steven Pearson

“My newest love affair – Feature Clothing”

Is it possible to fall in love on Instagram?  I guess you could say that it was love at first sight, but they had me at “double tap”.  We met, sparks flew, and before I knew it, my love affair with Feature began.  If you have the chemistry, you only need one thing: timing.  Feature Clothing reached out to me for their launch as I was in the midst of launching my blog around the same time.  Ahh!  How crazy is that?!  Now that’s what you call fate.  This is no longer a fling, it is becoming THE real thing! ❤

The #bossladies behind Feature are Jacklyn N. and Kyyah L.  After learning more about them, I’ve spent a disproportioned amount of time thinking about all the awesome women out there who are doing their thing and how I can be like them.  Well, these two are definitely on my list.  I’ve been told to do what I love and to only surround myself with people who are going to lift me higher..well, here they are!  Learn a little more about this dynamic duo in this short interview we did and see why it is such a treat to have joined this girl gang.

IMG_9538 copy

 1. How did FEATURE clothing come about? Tell us more about you!

How FEATURE came to be is rather serendipitous. Kyyah and I have been best friends for half of our lives. If you were to look at us then, you’d see what an odd pairing we were—one geeky Vietnamese girl in Triple 5 Soul and baggie pants, and the other: braces, overall pant legs rolled up, and N0LimitDiva15 screen name! As we matured, fashion still bonded us. Kyyah grew to become a merchandising superstar in LA and Hawaii and I was working on copywriting and marketing for start ups in California. Neither of us felt satisfied working for someone else. So, an idea led to more serious talks and more “should we’s?” and just when we needed that extra push, Kyyah’s husband took a job offer in California.. placing us in the same city again. A calming moment of “if not now, when?” and “ will we EVER really feel ready?” came and we decided to just take a leap. From there, we organized, got right, and here we are (give and take a few extra mishaps and crying in the shower moments).

2. Can you tell us what your typical customer is?

Hmm, well Google Analytics says our customer is….just kidding.
Our girl is definitely self-possessed, and knows what she likes, but at the same time isn’t rigid in her ways. She’s on the pulse with what’s in, and enjoys being an early adopter of emerging designers and brands. Basically, she’s the girl that tells her friends what they should be wearing and is always met with, “No way. Nah, I don’t like that”.. only to end up embracing the trend months later.

FEATURE was founded with this woman—so much in fact that the manifesto is written on the Letters from the Curators page of the website.  We select pieces and brands with this woman in mind and now our continuous mission is just to find you all and let you know we’re here!

3. What advice can you give someone who would someday like to start their own business?

Kyyah: Surround yourself with like-minded people that are striving for similar goals as you and be willing to support, encourage, and uplift one another. Also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and build relationships..you never know where a conversation with someone can lead you.

Jacklyn: Take everything with a grain of salt. It’s easy to float on hot air when you’re doing well and everyone is congratulating or complimenting you, and just as easy to get dragged down when you hear negative comments or criticism. The key is to remain grounded– take compliments with humility and negative comments as constructively as you can without letting it eat away at your confidence. Oh, and get ready to WORK your ass off.

4. If you had a chance to work with a celebrity boss lady, who would it you have the pleasure of working with? Why is that?

Oh my gosh, there are SO many women kicking butt nowadays that it would be so hard to choose just one. The obvious choice would be the #girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso. She built a brand—a movement really–based on straight hustle and smarts and being herself unapologetically. The fact that she started this all in the Bay Area? Well, that just makes it so much sweeter.
But, honestly, any girl out there that just goes for it is someone we want to be around.

5. What can we look forward to in the future from FEATURE?

More snarky captions. More bad ass emerging designers and hopefully exclusive pieces with different brands. More pop-ups in different states. More, more, more!

A true love story never ends…follow me @mystyleandgrace and @shopfeature on IG and stay tuned for more. ❤


shopfeature_about5 copy

To K & J, thank you for making me your newest muse.

“Walking billboard”

Hi guys!  I hope you didn’t miss me too much since my last post.  I’ve been quite a busy bee the past few weeks and now I am back and ready to roll!  I can’t wait to update you all with new and exciting things that are happening with My Style and Grace, but first I still would like to let you know that your patience is appreciated.  Thank you! 🙂

I am a walking billboard on today’s blog post wearing a tee from the Le Motto collection.  Le Motto’s purpose is to spread and promote positivity with words.  Not only do they share good messages with their tees, but they also donate some of the profits from the purchases to causes that help children who are suffering from unfortunate and violent circumstances.  Vaiana, the beautiful person behind Le Motto was kind enough and gifted me a shirt from their collection.  Please take the time to read her story here.

I picked the “Keep up. Don’t give up.” tee because never giving up has taught me the value of perseverance.  Today, I would like to remind you not to give up at the first sign of struggle but instead, pick yourself back up and keep standing.  You only fail when you stop trying, so don’t give up! ❤

I styled their tee with a pair of black skorts from Feature Clothing, a men’s camo jacket that I scored from ASOS a while back, and kept it classic with a pair of good ol’ Chuck Taylor’s.







Photos by Gladys Jem

Here’s what I’m wearing // and other options

Le Motto tee
Asos Camo jacket // F21 Utility Camo jacket
Converse sneakers
Feature Clothing skort
Rayban Original Aviators // Maui Jim Mavericks